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Shattered Lies (Web of Lies #3)(8)
Author: Kathleen Brooks

“Cabo is always beautiful to visit, gunfire or not. I’ll find the wee lassie,” Grant assured.

“I wouldn’t call her that,” Lizzy muttered.

“Macay! You’ve got orders!” was overheard from the background.

Lizzy’s eyebrows rose. Alex worked fast.

“Someday you’ll have to tell me what’s going on. I’ll get this lass back to you or die trying.”

“These things I do,” Dalton said seriously.

“That others may live.” Grant finished the PJ motto before hanging up.

Lizzy reached her hand out and Dalton clasped it as the medical personnel walked by with the bodies from the sea. “Alex doesn’t have an update yet. He can’t get into the hospital. All phones are forbidden so Humphrey can’t call to let him know.”

Dalton nodded. “It’ll be in lockdown. The entire city will be. We better go.”

“Wait,” Lizzy said, stopping him. “Birch sent the bodies to Stanworth, but Stanworth is here and ends up dead shortly after the bodies would have been found. Plus, Sandra flew into Bucharest but now can’t be found.”

“And Bucharest is only a couple hours from the Black Sea.”

“It was a meeting of Mollia Domini!” Lizzy smacked his arm as it fell into place. “I hate leaving Tate and Birch but, Dalton, we’re close. We could take out the entire organization!”

“We need to find out how long the bodies were in the water and see where they came from,” Dalton said, grabbing her hand and rushing after the medics.






“Let me go,” Tate ground out between her teeth. She’d had a semi-rigid splint put on her leg and a bandage over her shoulder and was now being held hostage in her secured room by the meanest nurse she’d ever met until her leg surgery at the end of the day. It had been six hours, and she hadn’t been allowed to leave the room yet.

“You are recovering and getting ready for surgery tonight. You cannot get out of that bed.”

“The shoulder is nothing. I am going to see the president, or so help me, I will get out of this bed and strangle you. It’s been hours, and no one will tell me anything.”

The nurse looked at her as if she were a child. “First, you’re one of the nicer patients I’ve dealt with. Second, I don’t have information on the status of the president. It’s classified.”

“Is he alive?” Tate asked softly, her voice fading as it was replaced with heart-stopping fear.

The nurse’s look turned to pity. “I’m sorry. No one knows. The entire wing is closed off, and no information is coming out of it.” The nurse gave her a sad look and then left the private room, closing the door after her.

Tate grabbed a pillow and covered her face. She let the tears come. Great big sobs as she cried for those who had died last night at the restaurant, all because of her. She’d taken out Mollia Domini’s propaganda machine, embarrassing them, and innocents had died because of it. It was now clear their enemies were prepared to destroy anything they could not control.

Other federal agents had arrested the young officer who had shot the supposed CIA agent. When the agent had reached for her with his gun drawn, the officer shot. But she’d make sure he’d get out of jail by the end of the day. Crew had swooped in, picked Tate up, and had her inside the helicopter while everyone was distracted by the shooting. Tate was sure the agent was either a Mollia Domini plant in the CIA, or he wasn’t an agent at all. Either way, the young officer had saved her, and she’d make sure he was hailed a hero.

Crew had followed the medical evacuation helicopter to Walter Reed Hospital. The military base was in complete lockdown as well as the hospital. Tate had heard the people talking as she was rushed from the helicopter pad and into a secure room. Crew had not been admitted. Instead, he was detained and was being held somewhere on the base.

“Get out of my way!”

Tate pulled the pillow from her face at the raised voice in the hall. She heard her guardian nurse calling for MPs as her door was thrown open. Standing in all of his five-foot-five-inch shining-head glory was Humphrey. He shoved the wire-rimmed glasses up his nose aggressively as he sent her a wink.

MPs ran up the hall, but Humphrey spun on them. “You better back off, or I’ll have you dishonorably discharged. Do you know who I am? I’m the fucking chief of staff, and you will listen to me. I am taking this woman, on the direct orders of President Stratton, to his bedside. Anyone who impedes me will face court martial under UCMJ Article 92.”

Tate sat up and watched in awe as the men stepped back. “Sorry, sir.”

“Nurse, help me get Miss Carlisle into a wheelchair,” Humphrey ordered, his voice strong and sure as he directed the MPs to help the nurse.

The nurse hurried inside with a wheelchair, and the men helped pick Tate up and set her in the chair. The nurse tried to push her, but Humphrey waved her off. “I will let you know when you’re needed. Thank you for your excellent care.”

The nursed thanked Humphrey, and they stared after them as Humphrey walked off, pushing Tate down the hall.

“Is Birch alive?” Tate finally asked.

“I don’t know. They haven’t let me in yet. But they will.”

By the steely determination in Humphrey’s voice, she felt sorry for the wall of guards waiting in the secure ward. Tate looked back with tears in her eyes as she grabbed for his hand. “Thank you.”

Humphrey patted her hand as he wound his way through the maze of corridors. “Get ready,” he said, dropping her hand as they came around a corner and faced the wall of guards.


* * *


Lizzy and Dalton followed the course on the map that the military had best figured the bodies had traveled. So far, there were nothing but small houses and a few small hotels along the coast as they moved from Romania into Bulgaria.

“It shouldn’t be too much farther. The medic was pretty sure about time of death and how long they’d been in the water,” Lizzy said of George Stanworth and his now identified daughter, Helena.

Lizzy scanned the coast with her binoculars from her spot on the boat. “Let’s go around that small bend.”

Dalton revved the engine and steered around a small jetty. He slowed when he saw the coastline around the bend. A massive house sat maybe fifty yards from the shore. “I don’t see anyone,” Lizzy said, scanning the area.

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